Texture and Shape

Texture and Shape

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Texture and shape is one of our most popular services at Salon Kismet. We are talking about more than “just” a haircut. We utilize specialized tools to achieve the very best in ladies, gentleman’s and children’s cutting and styling services. Our stylists understand the importance of staying up to date with current trends and techniques in order to provide the best looks for you.

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What is texture?
If you have fine, medium, course, thick, straight or curly hair this is “texture.”

What is shape?
Shape is the silhouette of the hairstyle.

When you’re searching for a new look you might even use words specific to your hair type. For example, “long layers for fine hair.” That is what is meant by shape and texture. When you bring in a picture of a certain hairstyle to your stylist, whether or not your hair will look like that picture is determined by not only the texture but the current shape as well.

When you make an appointment with any of our stylists, we will always provide a full consultation. This happens at every appointment. So if you bring in a picture with a specific style, we will discuss and determine whether or not your current texture will be appropriate for that particular shape. If not, then we will discuss and consult about different options we can provide to create some great alternatives regarding your style. Also, when it comes to texture, we offer some fantastic services to alter the texture of your hair that could make that style you have your heart set on a reality! These include our keratin smoothing and designer texture wraps services.

Remember at every appointment we will provide a full, complete consultation so you can achieve the style you want and look your best. There isn’t anything more rewarding then seeing you smiling after we have just finished shaping and styling your hair. Plus, there’s just something about a great style that gives everyone more confidence and makes them walk out of our salon knowing you look and feel fantastic!

We offer many salon services.  Consultations are always complimentary so go ahead and take a look and then give us a call to schedule your appointment. Looking for hair color techniques? You’ll find them at Customize Color Services.

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