Texture & Shape

Lady $35 and Up

Gentleman $25 and Up

Child $20 and Up

Fringe Reshape $15
Complimentary for Clients of the Salon Kismet

Men’s Neck Shave $15
Complimentary for clients of the Salon Kismet


Fusion Extensions
Call for complimentary Consultation

Shaping, blending and coloring of pre-made Human Hair extensions
$50 and up per hour

Hair Therapy

Treatment with Shampoo $15

Treatment under the dryer $30


Foundation Color $85 and Up

Base Color $60 and Up

Base with Color Balancing $70 and Up

Base Shift $25 and Up

Color Correction $80-$100 per hour

Overlay with Service $20 and Up

Overlay $45 and Up

Color Locking Gloss $10 and Up

Men’s Reshade $20 and Up

Dimensional Color

Partial $45 and Up

Half $65 and Up

Full $85 and Up

Customized Hair Painting $85 and Up

Detailed and Custom Slicing $40 and Up

With Color Balancing $40 and Up


Half $50 and Up

Full $80 and Up

Custom Panels $4 and Up, per panel

Canvas Cleanse $30 and Up


Blowout $35 and Up

Hot tool styling $35 and Up

Upstyling $65 and Up

Hair Removal

Brow $15 and Up

Lip $10 and Up

Cheek, Chin, Neck $10 and Up, per area

Keratin Smoothing
& Curls

Diora Keratherapy $250

Goldwell Kerasilk $350

Designer Texture Wraps $80 & Up

Prices vary depending on the clients choice of stylist.