Corrective Color Hair Services

Corrective Color Hair Services

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Corrective Color Hair Services - Kansas City MO Westport Salons Kansas City Salons Westport

There are many situations and definitions as to what corrective color hair services are and who needs these services. Usually, correct color involves multiple processes and sometimes multiple salon visits. Sometimes the client knows they need it, and sometimes they don’t. One of the most common examples are the results from someone who has been coloring his or her own hair and it has become too dark. There may even be bands of uneven color from multiple applications. Or it can be that you have been blonde for many years and wishes to go to a deeper tone or brunette. And it could even be that you wanted to be a certain color, you tried an at-home color kit, and the results were not good. What you thought you were going to get and what you see in the mirror are two totally different colors.  In any of these cases or a multitude of other scenarios, Salon Kismet can get you back on track with the color you really wanted.

With a Certified Goldwell Master Colorist as well as other skilled colorists on staff at Salon Kismet, we are able to tackle any color issue that you may have. Our stylists have extensive knowledge of various color lines and that’s beneficial to you because it helps us to restore your hair to a lustrous, gorgeous color as well as keeping it in optimum condition throughout the process.
If you need corrective color services, at your appointment we will have a realistic conversation about how many steps may be necessary as well as if more than one visit is going to be required for your transformation to take place, and as always our main concern is maintaining the integrity of your hair.

You will love the end results and vow never to “try this at home” again or stray from our knowledgeable staff. Be sure to take a look at our other Services.

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